19 January 2010


It took me a few fragmented sessions to complete this Table. I had to keep leaving critical aspects of it unresolved, vacating, then coming back to it in order to see it with fresh eyes. That way, I found it easier to know what it had to end up being like. I'm talking about, for example, how to finish the ends, what colours to apply and where and how much, whether to colour the protruding ends of some of the pegs (something we'd talked about but I'd never yet done).....in fact a lot of aspects that would have dramatic effect, and would influence to a great extent how playful or puzzling or deep it would appear. When you can see a variety of ways forward at any one point in the process its a strange sort of agony to have to go with just one version: its fine if you don't sense there's an option, if you know straight away what has to be done; but if there's a lack of obviousness in the air - that's when you have to stop, well I do anyway, and find a way of deciding how to proceed, and how much of a risk you want to take. So in the case of this piece, I've been working on it and thinking about it quite intensely for a number of weeks, holding it like an exotic cake or a baby, and I can mess it up so easily, disempower it, trivialise it, by making one bad decision. Yes you get used to the deal I suppose. And learn to spend less time agonising.

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